Event: Glassbuild America in Las Vegas

Tubelite’s booth staff at Glassbuild America in Las Vegas: Steve Green, Mary Olivier, Stacy Schafer and Walt Lutzke welcomed many current customers and several prospective new accounts during the three days of the show, September 12, 13 and 14th. Some of the products featured in this year’s display included Tubelite’s ForceFront Blast and Storm resistant framing, and a new Fiberglass pressure plate for 400 Series Curtain Wall for increased thermal performance.

Tubelite’s ForceFront Storm Door was demonstrated onn the show floor with an impact test performed by Architectural Testing Inc. The doors and glass successfully withstood a large missle impact.

(L to R) Stacy Schafer, Steve Green, Walt Lutzke and Mary Olivier

The crowd listens to Architectural Testing Inc. describe the testing process

Tubelite door showing results of large missile impact

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