aLuminate light shelves by Tubelite accentuate daylighting designs

Tubelite Inc. offerss aLuminate™ light shelves, supporting U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating Systems’ criteria for daylighting and views, thermal comfort, optimized energy performance and recycled content. aLuminate‘s reflector extrusions feature a wave-type pattern that diffuses sunlight and projects it deep into the room. Increasing the reach of natural light into an interior space helps reduce the energy demands associated with artificial lighting.

aLuminate light shelves are designed for use with Tubelite’s curtainwall and storefront systems. aLuminate light shelves also are compatible with many other manufacturers’ aluminum framing systems, during new construction or as a retrofit application.

The light shelves are available in 18-, 24-, 30- and 36-inch in-rigger projection depths with horizontal spans up to 60 inches. “They are easy-to-install thanks to a unique, in-rigger bracket that fastens at the interior vertical framing member, and snap-fits with the light-weight reflector blades,” says Mary Olivier, Tubelite’s marketing manager. “The bracket system and the light-weight material also makes it easy to remove individual sections for glass cleaning or future renovations.”

The aluminum used to produce light shelves can be extruded by Tubelite using EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with eco-friendly, durable finishes. All of Tubelite’s architectural products’ painted finishes are applied in an environmentally effective manner to control 100% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC-free and ultra low-VOC finishing options also are available

Typically, light shelves’ upward facing surfaces are painted bright white for maximum reflectivity and diffusion of sunlight. aLuminate light shelves also may be finished to match, or to accent, adjacent framing materials and décor. If desired, the reflector extrusions’ top and bottom surfaces can be finished in different colors.

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